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    The Black and White Party is back and its the 4th Edition, 29th July at Rågsved Folketshus Rågsved torg 11 in Stockholm. The annual Black & White Party stands out as a night that brings people together from all walks of life. Attendees wear black and white attire that can range from all models and styles.Get as creative as possible. Remember, this is not a black & white tie affair or a gala. It is a PARTY, filled with celebrities, DJ’s, costumes, food & Drinks, stage performances, live entertainment and the most outrageous decor.

    The best part is that all of this fun actually helps raise money for for a fantastic cause. Percentage of proceeds from the night go towards buying school supplies for less privileged children in Uganda.
    Come and party while you are putting a smile on a young school child’s face.


    Tips for how to dress for a black and white party:

    Honor the black and white theme by wearing what the invitation states. It would be disrespectful to show up in a purple ensemble..

    Don’t wear any color other than black or white. This includes handbags, shoes, and jewelry.
    You should stick to the classic diamond and pearl jewelry that are perfect for a black and white event. If you don’t have real pearls and diamonds, you can wear faux jewelry. With the lights down low, most people won’t have any idea they’re not the real thing, as long as the pieces are not too large.

    Men should pay close attention to the wording such as “black tie optional,” which means that they may wear tuxedos, but it isn’t essential. If they don’t have the means to purchase or rent a tux, a black suit is appropriate.

    Women should select attire from the more sophisticated and glamorous materials, such as silk or satin. Cotton and cotton blends are better put aside for a garden party. Beading and rhinestone embellishment provide all the glitter a woman needs, as long as it doesn’t overwhelm the dress.

    Evening gown styling should flatter the woman’s best feature. Black and white are both such dramatic colors that they can enhance or overwhelm the person wearing them. Decide what you’d like to emphasize and select a dress that shows it off. For example, if you have beautiful shoulders, you may want to wear a strapless or off-shoulder gown. If your legs are your best feature, raise the neckline and show off some leg with a slit up the side. Keep the look elegant to fit in with the theme of the party.

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  • Titel på blogginlägg

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    Vad tar man med i ett blogginlägg? Praktisk, branschspecifik information som: 1) ger läsaren nyttiga uppgifter och 2) visar att du är expert inom branschen.

    Använd företagets blogginlägg för att dela era synpunkter beträffande aktuella ämnen inom branschen, förmänskliga företaget och visa hur era produkter och tjänster kan hjälpa människor.

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  • Poetry is everything to him and as he performs, one can see that he holds the audience’s attention.

    Slim Emcee on Keeping Poetry Alive

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  • His songs have soaked into most Rwandan music lovers, as this show was proof to that. From Eva- his new hit featuring Deejays. Roja and Slick Stuart, to Munakampala and Farmer, the audience swiftly sang louder to the artiste’s songs.

    Moments as Ykee Benda performed in Kigali

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  • The Love Portion hit maker had in recent years reduced recording hits, and yet he starred in Beneath the Lies, a popular local Television series which captures many Ugandans. This lured many into believing that he had quit the music game,

    Music is my First Wife- Rabadaba

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